Been a while since my last update. Working endlessly on the upcoming iwearheratic collection. As some of you may or may not know, iwearheratic is a side project that I run as a hobby aside from cooking and taking photos.

Not sure why, but it’s becoming a habit that I only put out a new collection during Fall (usually around September/October).

Like always, I’m constantly trying to push what the brand is capable of producing. I’m proud to say, that we are finally producing our own garment. That means that each product is hot from the factory and not your regular Gildan blank tee — for the record, we don’t use Gildan. Your average band does though.

Getting your products made from scratch gives you more flexibility. For instance, fitting has always been a key criteria for us. I want people who wear our shirts to feel confident, character and find superior in them. Not some oversized, hanging sleeve, short, box shaped tee that just makes you feel like fuck.

Secondly, you get to control every aspect and detail of the shirt. By details, I mean construction, woven/satin labels, colour combination, artwork placement and etc. All these small details are what makes our shirt special — quality. I feel that alot of people don’t put in much research and effort on them. 

To sum up, there’s more than meets the eye — you probably won’t know about the long process that a shirt went through.

Please, follow us @iwearheratic on Twitter and Instagram.

Rooftopping in my own backyard. By backyard, I mean HDB block in Singapore.

All in due time… My biggest project to date and sucks that I can’t share much of it yet. But here’s a teaser! Funny how when I first started designing, I wanted every line to be pixel perfect. On a side note, I’m trying to fill up my July schedule. If you need any design work or know someone who does, refer them to your homeboy! Would love to help your ideas come alive. Peace! 📷✒️

Pretty stoked that this photo I took at Cameron Highlands got featured on the VSCO GRID. Getting there.